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We know you have lots of options when choosing your vendors and the process can be difficult. We want to make your decision to select a photographer and/or videographer as easy as possible. That’s why we’ve placed our detailed packages and prices online. We believe everything should be upfront and that begins with our website. If you are looking for a photographer and videographer we’d also like you to consider some of the many advantages of hiring a photography and videography team. We don’t compete with each other for the best angles or best shots. We set each other up to succeed and communicate beforehand to ensure we capture all your favorite shots without rushing or competing for your time. We are familiar with each other’s style, which means we’re never in the other’s way. This allows us to avoid making surprise cameos in your photos or video. Whether you’re ready to book or just beginning the process, we’d love to talk with you and learn more about your wedding day.


I believe it’s important you know I don’t do this as a hobby or for spare change. I’m not “trying this thing out” or practicing on you. I’m passionate about photography and consider myself one of the lucky few who love their profession. Since creating Memories Through Time in 2005, I’ve observed several photography styles and fads come and go. My clients know that when I photograph them, I’m not focusing on capturing the latest fads. I’m focusing on capturing beautiful, true-to-life photos that will never be described as dated. I also understand not everyone loves standing in front of a camera so I give clear directions that will give you confidence and allow you to feel comfortable. My bride’s love knowing they won’t just be receiving a small hand full of high quality photos but hundreds of images that demonstrate a high level of professional consistency. I don’t outsource your images to be edited by someone else. Instead, I work through each one to ensure they are perfect. Having photographed well over 100 weddings, I have the experience to capture beautiful photos in the bright Arizona sun or inside romantically lit settings.

What Mike finds fascinating about Amanda:

Amanda grew up in New Mexico but never had a close encounter. She graduated high school in Australia as an exchange student but no longer has an accent. She watches enough criminal detective shows to make me a little nervous. She hates having her picture taken.

I believe in creating videos that capture honest, real emotions. I don’t believe in asking a bride or groom to act anything out because the story of your wedding shouldn’t be scripted. It should be experienced and enjoyed. Without distraction. You planned this amazing day and my job is to beautifully capture all the moments you missed and those you want to relive. Every second of your video is meticulously edited. Each scene carefully arranged to highlight the best moments of your day. I always capture enough footage to keep your story moving at a fun and exciting pace. Because I capture so many great shots, your video will never be bogged down with long drawn out clips or slow motion fillers. The professional quality is consistent, from the first to last frame. On your wedding day, you can be confident I’m capturing the guests, family and moments that matter most to you. Your confidence will come from knowing I sincerely listened to and understood your expectations and vision well before your wedding day.

What Amanda finds fascinating about Mike: 

Mike briefly lived in India but never saw the Taj Mahal. One of the reasons he loves shooting videos is because it never involves math. He has a man crush on Peyton Manning and Lebron James. He only wants Apple gift cards on gift giving occasions. He secretly wishes he was the 5th Dannette on the Dan Patrick show. He’s still mourning the death of the Croc Hunter, Steve Irwin.

As a family that loves to travel and capture memories, we’ve made quite a collection of photos and videos. We thought it’d be fun to share one of our favorites straight from the Howard home video vault. This short video was shot with an iPhone camera during our vacation in California. Enjoy!

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