A double maternity photoshoot

Check out this double maternity shoot featuring one of my previous wedding clients Brian & Justyne. I was really excited for them when I found out they were pregnant with their second baby. When her out-of-state pregnant sister came to visit, we had to do a shoot with them together. Here is something you don’t see too often, sisters pregnant at the same time! Such an exciting time for their family!

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A look back at 2016

Happy New Year friends! I hope you had a fantastic Christmas. Mine was very relaxing as we didn’t travel this year and opted to stay home. Now that 2017 is almost here, I thought it would be fun to share a few of my favorite moments from my 2016 client galleries. I have done this before in previous years and really enjoyed it. Like most business owners, I am very task oriented, always goal setting and planning for the future. However, taking some time to look back is not only important but fun, as the images bring back great memories. I combed through all the client galleries from 2016 and have a handful of images to share with you. There isn’t a common theme to them. It could have been a moment with laughter or tears. It could have a story behind it, be a beautiful portrait, a quiet moment in the woods or a split second where the client forgot about the camera and let their guard down. Whatever the moment, I feel privileged that I was there to see and document it for them.

This wasn’t planned, but check out above when my clients color coordinated with a mural, and below the signage on this passing train.

Below on the right, is from Misty & Chuck’s wedding. It was the last dance of the night and I took my flash off to start preparing for the sparkler exit, which was going to happen in just a few moments. I looked over and saw them on the dance floor, eyes locked on each other for the longest time. So I cranked up the ISO to make the capture. It warms your heart and gives chills at the same time.

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