Happy Easter 2017

If you’ve been following the blog for a long time, you might remember my boys are super BIG Easter fanatics! I’ve blogged about it a couple times before and thought I better again this year. Nathan is 11 now and I’m not sure how many more years he will want to color eggs. We actually spent a couple of hours boiling, dying, painting, and decorating several dozen eggs. Both boys took their time and had fun doing it. Nolan (above) whistled the entire time. I’m not kidding, the whole time! Haha. He has actually gotten quite good. Nathan wasn’t bothered by the whistling and was very focused on decorating his eggs. What’s Easter without a bunny right?! Our 1 year old Netherland Dwarf bunny (above) checking out everyone’s progress. He is a great pet and very bonded to Nathan. 

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Drew & Laine – A surprise proposal

I’m excited to share a surprise proposal that was several months in the making! I was hired by Drew to capture this really special event for him and his girlfriend Laine. They met in Arizona and relocated to California for work where they currently live. Arizona is a special place to them so it was perfect they get engaged in Arizona where it all started. Everything took place on the Arizona Grand Resort property, where they were staying for their visit. If you have never been to the Arizona Grand Resort, it’s a really fabulous place. I document weddings here all the time and take my family here at least once a year for a staycation to enjoy the waterpark.
I didn’t get a chance to meet Drew before hand and wasn’t sure what they looked like. So I was eagerly waiting for when they would walk up to the designated spot. I had Scott come out for second camera work to help capture more angles. Scott heard them walking up the hill and we quickly hid behind brush to not spoil the surprise for Laine.
They stood and checked out the amazing view for a bit….And… the rest is history!
Aren’t they a beautiful couple?! I couldn’t resist getting some more shots in at this scenic spot. If you’ve been to the Arizona Grand Resort then you know there are some beautiful lush green spots there! Here is the private patio they had all to themselves for dinner to celebrate following the proposal.Congrats again Drew and Laine! I’m so excited for you and this special time in your lives together. You’re a beautiful couple, thanks for having me out to document it!

Cheers to you,


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